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Work in Progress

“’Many thanks for your support’: Email Populism and the People’s Party of Canada” with Brian Budd. 

‘It’s Kinda Complicated’ The Uncertain Relationship between Digital Technology and Democracy” with Danielle McNabb.

Newly Published

2020.  Regulating Social Media: Digital Campaigning the Era of Misinformation.

2020. Digital Politics in Canada: Promises and Realities co-edited with Harold Jansen.

2020. Tweet Justice: The Canadian Court’s Use of Social Media with Andrew J.A. Mattan  and Kate Puddister

2020. “Justin Trudeau – I Don’t Know Her”: An Analysis of Leadership Memes of Justin Trudeau with Mireille Lalancette

2020. Play-by-Play Justice: Tweeting Criminal Trials in the Digital Age with Kate Puddister.

Completed Supervision

Danielle McNabb. Masters Research Project: The ‘Magnitude of the Problem’? An Analysis of #MeToo and Modern Feminism, April 2020.