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Work In Progress

Leadership and Political Denunciation: The Case of Justin Trudeau Memes with Mireille Lalancette

Tweeting Criminal Trials: Open Court in the Digital Age with Kate Puddister.

Newly Published

2019.  “Navigating the principle of open court in the digital age: The more things change, the more they stay the same” with Kate Puddister. Canadian Public Administration. 62 (2): 202–224.

2019 “Trolling Stephen Harper: Internet Memes as Online Activism” (with Mireille Lalancette & Maxime Pronovost) in What’s Trending in Canada? Understanding Transformation in Power, Media, and the Public Sphere. (edited by Mireile Lalancette, Vincent Raynauld, and Erin Crandall). Vancouver: UBC Press.

Completed Supervision

Mattan, Andrew. Master Research Project: Tweeting Pass the Media: An Analysis of Visual Image Management on Twitter During the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election. November 2018.