teaching & supervisions

Here are courses I have recently taught:

POLS 3050 Canadian Political Parties, Elections & Pressure Groups

POLS 4140/6210 Conceptions of Canada

POLS 2300 Canadian Government and Politics

POLS 4900/6950 Digital Democracy

POLS 6940: Research Methods & Design

My supervision areas are:

Canadian politics (parties, elections, gender), political communication, digital politics

Current supervisions:

Danielle McNabb: Danielle’s research explores the unique relationship between digital technologies and the feminist movement. Her work situates the #MeToo movement within the discourses of fourth wave feminism, and examines the new internet-based action repertories of social movements. By systematically analyzing the #MeToo twitter-verse, her research aims to uncover what feminist hashtags like #MeToo accomplish, and to what extent they produce sociopolitical change.

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