(multi) media

I am a frequent commentator in local and national media on issues of digital politics and political communications, especially during elections. Here are some recent examples . . .


2021. The Walrus Talks at Home: The Future of Speech Online

2021. CBC’s The House: Inside Canada’s politician podcasting boom

2021. 122: Digital Politics in Canada: Parties, Memes, and the Courts, with Dr. Tamara Small. Social Media and Politics Podcast with Michael Bossetta

2017. CSDC Podcast 016 – Tamara Small and Mireille Lalancette – The Political Memes of Justin Trudeau

2016 John Wesley Dafoe Political Studies Students Conference University of Manitoba – Panel 5: Future Challenges for Elections – Dr. Tamara Small

2015. Has the internet been good for democracy? An Ira Basen documentary


Justin Trudeau: the rise and fall of a political brand

NDP’s Horwath faces leadership review after 10 years and three elections

Some municipal candidates choosing social media over lawn signs

Signing Away Our Lives on Facebook

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she will lose provincial election

Crucial last TV debate looms for Ontario leaders as June 7 voting day nears

Ontario aims to tame the ‘Wild West’ of 3rd party election advertising

Doug Ford is ditching the media bus for the upcoming campaign

Ontario Tories eager to ‘turn the page’ following weeks of unprecedented tumult

Minister’s office defends its Twitter account

Internet memes become online activism for Canadian politics

Can Patrick Brown avenge Tim Hudak and John Tory’s electoral disasters?

Is Donald Trump’s Twitter use changing how politicians communicate?

Politicians on social media

Premier Kathleen Wynne bombarded on social media by homophobic, sexist abuse.

Trudeau government spending millions on digital ads

Battle for Guelph led federal candidates to top list of big spenders

Guelph NDP candidate target of another Conservative online ad

Will Twitter shape the vote in the federal election?

Is an amped up social media push affecting the Ont. election campaign?

Justin Trudeau’s defining moment: Busting a dance move? Liberal leadership favourite dances with his wife in much-viewed gif