research interests: digital politics, Canadian politics, political communication, political parties, Ontario politics

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Digital Politics in Canada: Promises and Realities (2020). Edited with Harold Jansen

Fighting for Votes: Parties, the Media and Voters in the 2011 Ontario Election (2015). William Cross, Jonathan Malloy, Tamara A. Small and Laura Stephenson. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Review of the book in the Canadian Journal of Political Science.

Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press and Tweet the Rest (2015). Edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Tamara A. Small. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Review of the book in the British Journal of Canadian Studies (29:1).

Mind the Gaps: Canadian Perspectives on Gender and Politics (2013). Edited by Roberta Lexier and Tamara A. Small. Halifax: Fernwood Press.

selected articles & book chapters

2019 “Trolling Stephen Harper: Internet Memes as Online Activism” (with Mireille Lalancette & Maxime Pronovost) in What’s Trending in Canada? Understanding Transformation in Power, Media, and the Public Sphere. (edited by Mireile Lalancette, Vincent Raynauld, and Erin Crandall). Vancouver: UBC Press.

2019.  “Navigating the principle of open court in the digital age: The more things change, the more they stay the same.” with Kate Puddister. Canadian Public Administration. 62 (2): 202–224.

2018. “Digital third parties: Understanding the technological challenge to Canada’s third party advertising regime.” Canadian Public Administration, 61(2), pp.266-283.

2018. “Tweet by Tweet Broadcasting: Local Candidates Use of Twitter During The 2015 Canadian Federal Election” (with Julie Croskill-Killin) in Political Elites in Canada: Power and Influence in Instantaneous Times (edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Andrea Lawlor). Vancouver: UBC Press.

2018. “Online Negativity in Canada: Do Canadian Party Leaders Attack on Twitter?Journal of Language and Politics (Special Issue:  Re/Constructing Politics through Social & Online Media: Ideologies, Discourse & Mediated Political Practices, 17:1.

2017. “Online, all the time. The permanent campaign on web platforms” (with Thierry Giasson) in Permanent Campaigning in Canada (edited by Alex Marland, Anna Esselment and Thierry Giasson).  Vancouver: UBC Press.

2016. “Media and Ontario Politics: The Press Gallery in the 21st Century.” The Government and Politics of Ontario 6th Edition. (edited by Jonathan Malloy and Cheryl Collier). Toronto, University of Toronto Press.

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2015. “All Politics is Not Local: Local Candidate Tweeting in the 2015 Election” (with Julie Killin). Canadian Election Analysis 2015: Communication, Strategy, and Democracy (edited by Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson). UBC Press/Samara.

Also reprinted in the Samara Blog

2014. “The Not-So Social Network: The Use of Twitter by Canada’s Party Leaders.” Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press and Tweet the Rest. (edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Tamara A. Small). Vancouver: UBC Press.

2014. “The Triangulation of Canadian Political Communication” (leader author with Thierry Giasson and Alex Marland). Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press and Tweet the Rest. (edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Tamara A. Small). Vancouver: UBC Press.

2014. “Political Communication and Marketing in Canada: Challenges for Democracy.” (with Alex Marland (lead author) and Thierry Giasson. Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press and Tweet the Rest. (edited by Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Tamara A. Small Vancouver: UBC Press.

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Also reprinted in Social Media and Democracy Innovations in Participatory Politics, eds. Brian D Loader and Dan Mercea. London: Rutledge, 2012.

2010. “Canadian Politics in 140 Characters: Party Politics in the Twitterverse.” Canadian Parliamentary Review, Fall 2010: 39 – 45.

Also reprinted in Essential Readings in Canadian Government and Politics, Second Edition, edited by Peter Russell, François Rocher, Debra Thompson and Amanda Bittner. Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications, 2016.

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other publications

2018. A new debates commission is the electoral reform Canadians need(with Lennox Esselment).  The Conversation Canada, November 20, 2018.

2017. “Online tax filing is an e-government success story.” (with Frédérick Bastien, Harold Jansen, Royce Koop and Thierry Giasson) in Policy Options, April 12, 2017.

Also in French: L’impôt et Internet : un succès du gouvernement en ligne

2015. Parliamentary Press Gallery (Revision with EliI Yarhi). The Canadian Encyclopedia.